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Weekly Night Course

Each course is limited to just 4 places. This ensures I can provide the optimum level of tuition to each student.

This is a 20 night,  80 hour course that will run over 20 Monday nights.

Course times will be 6:30am-10:30pm.

Cost: £2500

Deposit of £600 is required to secure slot, remiander to be paid in full no later than 6 weeks before the start of the course.

Im pleased to be able to offer Klarna that is integrated in the check out process, offering the option of 0% interest spread over 3 monthly payments if required.


The cost includes all hardware, BKP boot camp pickups, woods, refreshments and tuition.

These courses are suitable from the complete novice to the more knowledgeable woodworker

2023/24 Course Dates:

This is a rolling course so you will be able to start when suits as long as there is currently a space, it will run every week apart from the weeks I am running the 10  Day courses.  

If I have to cancel a Monday night due to illness/family emergency/pre-planned holiday/event etc, you won't lose a session, it will just be added on to the end. You will have 4 weeks that you can choose not to attend due to sickness or engagements, that won't come off your 20 allocated sessions. Any more than that will be counted as an attended session.

You will be able to purchase 2 extra sessions at the end of your completed 20 for £100 per night, if you need extra time to complete your instrument.

The £2500 cost is for the tuition and materials provided and not workshop rent, if you finish early you can continue and start something new or complete your course but no fees will be reimbursed.

This will be a rolling course with no set dates or end times, when a slot is available you will be able to book on. 


This course is designed to give you the fundamental skills to design, and then build, an electric guitar or bass.  Unlike alternative courses, I offer limited places with very small class sizes and you will be taught by me and only me. The course fees also include all your materials and hardware.

 Due to the allotted time and student experience, it is highly recommended you stick to a classic bolt on style guitar without a neck angle like a Fender, or Fender inspired, instrument, for example a Ibanez/Jackson/Charvel/Music Man etc. Note this doesn't limit you to a Strat/Tele style shape, just the construction methods. But if you a small amount of basic woodworking knowledge and experience both set necks and carve tops can be undertaken.

I will teach, guide and help you when needed every step of the way. By the end of the week you will be walking away with a guitar you have created yourself!

The course fees include your woods, hardware and Bare Knuckle Boot camp pickups of choice, you can upgrade for a small additional cost to Bare Knuckle Standard or Signature pickups, or an alternative brand if so desired.  Bass players this includes any of the BKP bass pickups, like above, you can upgrade with an additional cost.

Your hardware choice is either Hipshot or Gotoh, Graphtech Tusq nut, CTS pots and top end switches, as above you can choose different hardware which may contain additional costs.

90% of the time I will be able to spray a satin Nitro finish on your guitar unless you are running behind, then the finish on the guitar will be hand rubbed oil and wax. 

Body wood choices are either, Sapele mahogany, Black Limba, alder, basswood or ash.

Neck woods are, plain maple or mahogany.

Fret board woods are, ebony, rosewood or maple.

You can upgrade to a figured top if desired.


Light refreshments will be available all night in the form of tea, coffee and biscuits.

Nearest Train Station

Witley - 1.8 miles away, 5 min drive, 35 min walk.

Milford - 2.2 miles away, 5 min drive, 41 min walk.

Godalming  - 4.5 miles away - 10min drive.

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