Frequently asked questions

Do you have guitars in stock?

Currently all guitars are made to order. One of the great advantages of going to a luthier over a store is that you can get a custom guitar based on our models.

How long will I have to wait for my guitar?

This is a hard one to answer; it all depends on what has been ordered before you. If you are first in the queue it will take approximately a month with an oil finish and up to two with a spray. Multiple guitars are made side by side as this is the most time effective manner to get them built as efficiently and quickly as possible. To get an accurate estimation of current build lead times, simply send me a message via the contact form and I will get back to you within 24hrs.

Do you have any audio or videos of your guitars?

There are multiple Videos on our instagram account and soon there will be a selection of YouTube content.

Can I visit the workshop or demo your guitars anywhere?

In short yes! Workshop visits must be booked in advance and are limited to yourself and by all means one guest. Unfortunately we can't currently fit you, your whole band, mum, Uncle Pat and Bob from no.24! While the new workshop is being built for late 2018, I'm working out of a very small workshop attached to my family home, which I share with my wife and our two very young children. As of late winter/early spring 2018 there will be demo stock that you can check out and play at the workshop.